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Prairielands supports career development by offering continuing education scholarships to staff in member libraries. Scholarships are offered on both a quarterly ($400) and annual ($1000) basis for any appropriate training, workshop, or seminar, including annual events such as MLA, ITEM, Children’s Literature conference, etc. Staff of member libraries may apply for one quarterly scholarship per quarter of Prairieland’s fiscal year in addition to one annual scholarship. The fiscal year quarters are:

  • Quarter 1, July – September
  • Quarter 2, October – December
  • Quarter 3, January – March
  • Quarter 4, April – June

All scholarships reimburse expenses related to the continuing education program. An eligible expense might include a registration fee, lodging, mileage, etc. Paid receipts will be required. Check with Prairielands for expenses that differ from these examples.

Recipients are required to share their experience with other Prairielands members by submitting a report through an online form.

Reimbursement forms for all scholarships are attached to approval letters

Quarterly Scholarships: $400

Scholarship Guidelines

Annual Scholarships: $1000

Click here to complete and submit your Scholarship Report

Scholarship Reports: