Scholarship Reports

/Scholarship Reports

Spanish Institute Beginning 1 course by Courtney Walsh / Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg (KMS) Public Schools

This Beginning 1 Spanish course through the Spanish Institute of Minneapolis ran 30 hours over 10 weeks time. We worked on basic vocabulary and common present tense verbs. The classes were held via Skype so class participants could practice conversations with one another while the instructor corrected when needed. The class started using only English [...]

ITEM Conference by Theresa Nysetvold / Murray County Central Schools

It was such a pleasure to attend an in-person conference! Librarians and media specialists gathered from around the state, though primarily attendees were from the Twin Cities. I enjoyed time connecting with vendors from book distribution and publishing companies, authors and librarians. I attended two workshops on the topic of organizing school libraries by genre. [...]

Crash Course for Library Directors by Shelly Finzen

The Library Director Crash Course program, provided by the ALA, was filled with great, useful information. My primary goal was to learn more about budgeting, but I also gained information on staffing, benefits, working with board members and capital (building and property) concerns.Three things I learned about budgeting is that approximately 50% of our operating [...]